Macclesfield-Outdoors Walking Route: The Vale Inn and Bollington, Short Route

Start/Finish: The Vale Inn, Adlington Road, Bollington. Distance: 4.6 miles (7.5 km). Difficulty: Mainly medium, two short climbs. Time: 1 to 2 hours


1.        From the Vale Inn, walk up Adlington Road (turn left with the pub behind you).

2.        Turn left into the recreation ground. Walk along the right hand edge of the recreation ground, with the River Dean to your right. Cross the bridge over the river, and turn left to follow the river. At the end of the recreation ground, bear right to walk up to the main road.

3.        Turn left along the main road, to pass under the canal bridge (it is probably best to cross to the pavement opposite).

4.        Keep straight on at the traffic lights, to continue along Palmerston Street.

5.        After a church on the left, turn left up Beeston Brow. This is a steep, cobbled lane uphill past several houses. At the end of the houses, Beeston Brow takes a sharp right turn.

6.        A little further on, bear left up Long Lane.

7.        Eventually, Long Lane becomes less steep. Look out for a footpath on the right. Take this footpath, which heads across fields, with fine views to the right across Bollington to the White Nancy.

8.        At the end of the footpath, and just past a few buildings on the right, turn right down a lane.

9.        A short distance down the lane, take the paved footpath downhill to the left. This footpath has a wooden handrail on the right, which is useful as it is slippery in places.

10.    The footpath descends past some houses on the left, where it becomes a lane. Continue straight on down past more houses to the main road (Shrigley Road).

11.    Cross straight over the main road, into a short cul-de-sac.

12.    At the end of the cul-de-sac, take the footpath that continues straight on down hill. Follow the footpath across a field, and then up to a road.

13.    Turn left along the road (Ingersley Road).

14.    Keep following the road as it bears round to the left and passes the Poachers Inn. There is a pavement on the left hand side.

15.    A short distance further on, a crossroads is reached. Turn right along Oakenbank Lane. You are now following the Gritstone Trail - follow the signs with a yellow waymark disc with a G in a footprint.

16.    Having passed some houses on the left, look out for a footpath off to the right, signposted as the Gritstone Trail. Follow the footpath downhill. The Gritstone Trail goes downhill then up again, then follows a wall to the right (this is the edge of the grounds of Savio House).

17.    Having crossed a stone stile, turn right at a crossroads of paths, with the grounds of Savio House still to the right. Follow the Gritstone Trail as it descends through a few kissing gates, and eventually emerges onto a lane.

18.    Turn left along the lane.

19.    Soon the Gritstone trail (and our route) turns right up a bridleway. The bridleway goes uphill, and then down again to meet a road (Redway).

20.    Turn right along the road, which takes you into Kerridge.

21.    At the end of Redway, turn left.

22.    Take the bridleway off to the right. This is signposted as a Private Road (to Beehive Cottage amongst others). Follow the bridleway downhill.

23.    Bear left at the bottom of the lane (to the left of Beehive Cottage), crossing the canal over a bridge.

24.    Turn right straight after the bridge, down some steps and along the canal towpath. Continue along the canal towpath, passing Adelphi Mill on the left.

25.    Eventually, Clarence Mill is reached (on the right). Turn sharp left, directly opposite Clarence Mill, down a bridleway.

26.    The main road is reached at the bottom of the bridleway. Turn right along the main road, and then immediately right into the recreation ground. Cross the recreation ground to Adlington Road.

27.    Turn right down Adlington Road to return to the Vale, for a well-deserved drink!